Happy Little Elf Shop – The Elf on the Shelf Kit Every Family Needs

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Happy Little Elf Shop – The Elf on the Shelf Kit Every Family Needs

As the holiday season approaches many parents are beginning to search and think about their popular elf’s arrival from the North Pole into their homes. If you are like me I have a Pinterest board filled with hundreds of ideas that all sound fantastic, but once December rolls around my favorite elf ideas are thrown out the window. This time of year busy moms and parents all need a little assistance to keep things running smoothly. This is where Happy Little Elf Shop enters!

Happy Little Elf Shop

Happy Little Elf Shop was created by a Des Moines, Iowa mom. She was looking for a creative outlet and enjoyed seeing the joy that her holiday elf brought to her daughter’s face. After hearing from busy parents that they did not have time to plan and coordinate all of the ideas, she thought it would be a great option to create a 1-stop shop. Happy Little Elf Shop is filled with cute ideas and a to-do list created for you to keep this adorable holiday tradition alive in hundreds of homes through Christmas Day.

Deluxe Elf Kit

Our family had a chance to experience the Christmas Elf Kit last year and it was definitely a lifesaver! The Deluxe Elf Kit is filled with 25 days of shelf ideas that include directions, props, activities, and more. You will find a step-by-step guide on how to create the specific elf scene. Each night, head to your box, grab a bag, and set up the scene. You will be done in 5 minutes or less!

  • These have sold out every year and limited quantities are available
  • Every day is different from prior years for repeat customers
  • Online instructions are provided via a QR code to make every day a breeze
  • Shipping is free for these, and I also offer $2.00 local delivery within 15 miles of my home for any purchase

Each Deluxe Elf Kit starts at $88 per kit and increases with the number of children you have. Enjoy FREE shipping on these kits! Use discount code DSMPARENT23 for 20% on purchases $20 or more. The discount is valid through 11:59 PM on November 19, 2023, and is limited to 1 per customer. Order your Deluxe Elf Kit now through November 18. There are limited boxes available so order today! Note: Happy Little Elf kits do not include the elf. Need an Elf? Get yours here! (affiliate link)

10-Day Elf Kit

As parents we all need a backup plan, right? These 10-day “backup” kits are perfect for those extra busy days, weeks, or “I forgot!” moments. Keep these fun ideas stored away for an extra busy day. The 10-Day Kit is customizable as far as how many kids it can accommodate. Each 10-Day Elf Kit costs start at $20 plus shipping.

Other Fun Elf Goodies

The fun does not stop there. Happy Little Elf has created some other fun items to boost children’s excitement during the Christmas season.

  • Santa Cam – Santa is always watching with this Santa Cam Night Light! This is a camera lens attached to a night light (it’s not actually a real, working camera). This is a little extra incentive for the kids to be on their best behavior during Christmas time.
  • Magic Elf Mittens – Move your elf without them losing their magic! Magic elf dust add-on for those “I accidentally touched my elf!” moments. Order yours here!
  • Santa Flying License – These are included in the 25-day kit this year, but are available for those interested in only this or as a companion to a 10-day kit. Order yours here!

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