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Happy Acts + Giveaways: Celebrate International Happiness Day


Happy Acts + Giveaways: Celebrate International Happiness Day

Happy Acts, Giveaways, Live Happy, International Happiness Day

Celebrate International Happiness Day!

As parents, we are not always worried about our own happiness. If we are honest, we are not always concerned that our kids are happy, as much as they are healthy and cared for. So why is happiness so important?

The study of happiness, positive psychology, is a growing science and it has been linked to many aspects of life, including our health. This is SO important as parents– not only for our own health but also to set great examples for our children. embraces positive psychology and sets out to bring happiness to people in all stages of life.

Happy Acts, Giveaways, Live Happy, International Happiness Day

International Happiness Day is celebrated on March 20. As part of that celebration, Live Happy encourages people to host Happiness Walls to spread kindness, compassion and love with friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Des Moines Parent is hosting a happiness wall for the whole week leading up to the International Day of Happiness. Happiness Walls will be popping up all over the country on March 20 to celebrate happiness. While most of these will be physical walls in malls, schools, or workplaces, Des Moines Parent is utilizing our online presence to present happiness tips for parents and linking happiness specifically to parenting AND giveaways!

From March 13 to March 20, we will be posting articles about happiness and some fun Happy Acts you can do yourself and/or as a family. To bring even more happiness we are giving away some fantastic prizes on our Facebook page daily! Mark your calendars and make sure you are following Des Moines Parent.

Happy Acts, Live Happy, Giveaway



  1. We will post one item per day between Tuesday, March 13 and Tuesday, March 20.
  2. I will announce all winners by Friday, March 23.
  3. To enter, you must follow the rules on the Facebook post with the giveaway item.


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