Adjusting Halloween Costumes to Iowa Winter Weather

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Adjusting Halloween Costumes to Iowa Winter Weather

Halloween in Iowa is often cold, and sometimes even snowy, but that doesn’t have to limit our dress-up fun! As a former California girl now raising kids in Iowa, I’ve thought a bit about how best to make the costumes my kids want work for the weather we actually have, and here are some of the top strategies I’ve found:

Halloween, costumes, Iowa

Sweatpants are life

One of the best ways to make any costume cold friendly is adding sweatpants. Size up costumes to fit sweats underneath. This is the best strategy under superhero and ninja suits (and tends to look like they are super strong!). Or build your costume around the sweats! One year my boys were ninja turtles, which was easy to accomplish by adding felt to their stomachs, some colorful masks, and a felt shell! Fleece lined leggings, thermal underclothes, or under armor type shirts and pants can work well for this too, depending on the costume.

Halloween, costumes, Iowa

Look for winter versions of your fave characters

Many characters have winter or Christmas versions, and these versions are usually much more seasonally appropriate for the last day of October in Iowa. For example, instead of Belle in a gold ballgown with bare shoulders, try having your child dress as Belle with her red cloak trimmed in white fur from the snowball fight scene! Check online, and ask your child if they have a favorite cold weather version of a character they love! It can be harder to find ready-made costumes for some of these characters, but often you can fake it with real clothes and accessories that they can wear all winter. Which leads me to…

Focus on outerwear

Outerwear can really make a cold weather costume spectacular. One of the best Halloween costumes I’ve come up with for my kids was this epic Jedi cloak. My 8-year-old wore an inexpensive Jedi costume, his winter coat, and then this fleece Jedi cloak I sewed for him. By making outerwear that went with the character, his whole outfit was cozy and yet also obviously who he wanted to be that Halloween. Don’t forget about hats, gloves, and scarves, as well, and of course, keep footwear safe. If it’s slippery out, you can add felt decoration to the tops of boots or sneakers with good traction if they don’t match and you’d like them to.

Halloween, costumes, Iowa

Don’t forget face paint!

Face paint is fun in any weather and is an easy way to make your costume more obvious and cute! Not all kids enjoy or even tolerate face paint, but if yours do, it can be a great addition to their cold weather Halloween look, and so can colorful hair paint or mascara, or even yarn or straw fake hair depending on the costume!

Let it Go

Sometimes the best strategy is to just let your child wear what makes them happy and throw a coat on top and figure it doesn’t actually matter if their mesh snowflake Elsa dress isn’t very visible. The point of Halloween is dress up fun, community, and sweet treats. None of those require that your costume not be covered with a coat or that it match your snow boots. Don’t stress too much about costume perfection!

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