Green Toys + Pledge to Play + Giveaway!

Green Toys + Pledge to Play + Giveaway!

Did you know it’s Earth Month? Earth Month begins on March 19th and runs until Earth Day, on April 22nd.

To celebrate Earth month, week and day, I am doing a giveaway from an amazing company Green Toys! Green Toys is an eco-friendly toy company. They use 100% recycled materials and US-based manufacturing to create toys for all ages.


Did you know?

  • Each Green Toys box that gets recycled saves 1 gallon of water!
  • Green Toys uses soy for printing on their packaging. Soy ink is natural and biodegrades four times faster than petroleum-based inks.
  • A pound of milk jugs that are used to create Green Toys products saves enough energy to power a TV for 3 weeks! Crazy!

Green Toys motto is “every day is Earth Day”. To take it a step further, Green Toy is creating a challenge, Pledge to Play.

For one hour each day, families pledge to turn off all their technology and play with each other. This is the time for 100% play and no batteries are necessary! Not only are you turning away from technology, but you are also saving energy.

Green Toys began this challenge March 19th, but this is definitely something you can challenge yourself to do all year round! I think my family will be taking the Pledge to Play challenge for the month of May!

You can still participate, this week, in the challenge Green Toys is having on Facebook and Instagram. Share your 100% play moments using #PledgeToPlay. Five lucky winners will win a Green Toys toy chest packed with puzzles, Cupcake Set, and Rescue Boat & Helicopter.


Green Toys has given me the chance to give away a FREE Cupcake Set to one lucky Des Moines Parent reader! I have decided to create my own little challenge, in addition to Green Toys challenge 🙂 Starting today until Friday, post your 100% play moment picture on Facebook or Instagram using #PledgeToPlay AND #DSMParentPledgeToPlay. On Saturday, I will announce our lucky winner!

Pledge to Play

Make sure you use #DSMParentPledgetoPlay, this is how I will select a winner!

Check out some great ways and ideas you can play this week in Central Iowa!

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  1. This is awesome – I’m always looking for ways to be sustainable with baby as I try to be in my own life! & what an awesome giveaway!

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