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Guest Post provided by Bekah Riker of Des Moines Moms Blog.

As we look back on the two-year birthday of Des Moines Moms Blog, we are flooded  with emotions, and many thoughts run through our heads. Sarah and I started Des Moines Moms Blog out of a passion for moms in Des Moines—pure and simple! We love to connect people and to develop relationships and serve our community. Des Moines was lacking this type of community, and with the help of City Moms Blog Network (CMBN), that NEED is fulfilled! Through daily content from our contributors—who are moms just like you—to our events that create an opportunity to meet face-to-face, we feel that we have achieved our goals!

5 Reasons We Started DMMB:

  1. We need each other.

A mommy community is essential for survival. Sound dramatic? Ask any mom you know and she will agree. When I had my first child, my whole world changed. I was home alone with this tiny person solely dependent on me! I felt isolated, unsure, and lonely. I needed a community. I needed you guys.

  1. We felt called to.

May sound cheesy but it’s true. The blog was laid on our hearts, and after much prayer and consideration, we said YES—and we are so glad we did. Being a mom is amazing and fulfilling, but we both felt like we had even more to give. The blog has given us a voice and an outlet beyond our families.

  1. Our families have benefited from it.

Our children look forward to seeing their friends and meeting new friends at our monthly play dates! Also, the income we have received from this venture has allowed our families to do extra things that we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. The flexibility that comes with being the owner of a moms blog is a blessing because Sarah and I both have very busy lives. Wanting to do it ALL has its ups and downs, but one major UP is working when we want and doing how much or how little we want.

  1. We LOVE local businesses.

We are passionate about shopping local and supporting small businesses here in Des Moines. DMMB is a very affordable and extremely successful way of advertising.

  1. We enjoy meeting new friends.

Not only have we gained friends through you, our readers, but we have also been blessed with friendships with our contributors. Our writers come from all walks of life and have such different and amazing viewpoints and wisdom to share. They are real, smart, amazing women who love sharing their lives with you all.

On a national level, there are 30+ moms blogs in cities around the United States doing what we are doing. Our network is powerful on so many levels, and it has been wonderful being a part of it. DMMB would not be the successful blog that it is without CMBN.

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Erin Huiatt

Erin is a reliable resource and stepping stone for women and families to find support and make connections within our community. She wants families to feel confident to reach out and ask for help and advice to get pointed in the right direction. She enjoys traveling and exploring with her two children in tow!

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