Frozen Watermelon Cubes


Watermelons and Summer go hand and hand.  But, unless you buy a giant watermelon for a party, a lot of times you are left with tons of extra that could go to waste if not eaten up quick enough.  A fun solution for you and your kids is to cut up the extra watermelon into cubes and freeze them.  Once frozen, you can then add the cubes to a glass of water for a sweet healthy drink that will turn boring ordinary water into a treat!  It’s a great way to get your kids drinking plenty of water in the summer heat and avoid waste.


-When freezing your cubed watermelon, lay them out on a sheet pan (cover pan with parchment paper or plastic wrap) so that they aren’t touching each other.  This way the cubes won’t stick together.  Once frozen just throw in a freezer bag all together and store until needed.

-Be careful of seeds.  Don’t want your kids choking on a seed when they go for a drink.  To avoid this buy seedless watermelons or carefully take out the seeds out of your cubes before freezing.

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