Friday Funday at the Des Moines Playhouse

Friday Funday at the Des Moines Playhouse

Did you know that once a month the Des Moines Playhouse (831 42nd Street) offers an interactive theater for children ages 4-6 called, “Friday Funday”? The production is great for preschools, child care centers, kindergarten classes, and families. If given the opportunity, my daughters would join the Clubhouse at the Playhouse every month as they dramatize a favorite story using their imaginations, the costume pieces and props they find in their Magic Trunk. A new story is presented each month, October through May. Children learn the Clubhouse pledge, secret handshake, and listen for the “word of the day”.

Friday Funday, Des Moines Playhouse, Des Moines

Tickets can be purchased for $6/piece. I have found that there is usually plenty of seating available to choose from when I have ordered tickets, but I would still recommend ordering tickets in advance, if possible.

If you follow the Des Moines Playhouse on Facebook, there is a link for tickets on their event page; or, you can order directly through the ticket office (515-277-6261), or on their website

The Friday Funday productions invite children to “interact” throughout the performance. Talk about an awesome way to both enrich young people’s creative minds and get out any extra wiggles. I always try to remember to bring my car keys as they will “unlock the story” together using the jingle of keys or patting of hands on their laps. My daughter looks forward to giving those keys an enthusiastic shake to help open that book! The production usually lasts approximately 30 minutes, another upside for young audience members. At the end of every show, a sticker is passed out to each child, as well as; a paper including, the words to the Playhouse pledge and handshake, some review questions you can explore with your child(ren), and a creative opportunity that allows the story to be reenacted at home.

Des Moines, Des Moines Playhouse

If you’re looking for a little extra bang for your buck, park behind the Playhouse in their parking lot. My daughters and their friends love to “slide down the brick wall” next to the entrance almost as much as they love the show itself. [Maybe consider setting a limit of how many times they can slide in advance, though – tearing them away from this “attraction” can quickly become the least fun part of our visit.]

Des Moines, Des Moines Playhouse, Friday Funday

We recently saw “The Ginger Bread Child” on Friday, December 14th. All Friday Funday shows are performed at 9:30 am, 10:45 am, and 1:30 pm. Upcoming shows include:

January 18th: The Golden Goose

February 8th: The Mitten (we saw this one last year; super cute!)

March 1: Fin M’Coul

April 12: Snow White

May 10: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

‘My favorite thing about Friday Funday is that they do fun stuff, and silly stuff. And, we get to help them!” – Greenley, age 4

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