5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween the Pandemic Way

5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween the Pandemic Way

5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween the Pandemic Way

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Like everything in 2020 Halloween is going to look a bit different. As I write this there has been no official word about Beggars’ Night in our town. There have been a few announcements of Halloween events, but other than that it has been pretty quiet. So, how do we celebrate Halloween the pandemic way?

Halloween is a favorite in our house I have begun researching some family Halloween alternatives so we can still wear our costumes and have some spooky fun. Here are 5great ways to celebrate Halloween the pandemic way in 2020.

‘Boo’ Your Neighbors

Instead of going door to door knocking and asking for a ‘trick-or-treat’, ‘BOO!’ them instead! Create a fun goody jar or basket and drop it off on their doorstep when they are not home. This is a fun way to still celebrate with your friends, safely.

Pinterest is loaded with fun ideas! Here is a list of some fun items you can include in your ‘Boo!’ baskets:

Halloween Movie Night

Halloween has some of the best movies! We have gathered 22 of our family’s favorite Halloween movies for kids. Purchase a few to add to your DVD collection or stream them on your TV at home. Take your movie night up a notch and create a theme all around the movie you choose. Here are some great ideas if you choose to watch ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ this Halloween.

Bake Spooky Treats

I love to bake this time of year. Whether it is pumpkin or apple-themed, the cooler temperatures always have me trying a new recipe. As always, Pinterest is loaded with fun Halloween themed treats to bake. Pick a couple, grab the kids, and have some fun in the kitchen! Here is one pumpkin bar recipe that is to die for.

Halloween Crafts

When a holiday is among us you can find me searching for all the fun crafts to do! Make your own ghosts, paint some pumpkins, carve your pumpkins, create fun handprint spiders, and more. Per usual, Pinterest is loaded with fun ideas.

Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

Have you heard of ‘Egg My Yard’? The past few years this has become a popular fundraiser idea for many non-profits. They fill plastic eggs with candy and trinkets, then hide them in people’s yards after the kids go to bed. Well, the same concept is popping up this year! You can purchase pumpkins like these, fill them with goodies, and hide them in your yard. Have the kids dress up in their costumes and go for a pumpkin hunt! You could also use basic orange eggs too.

There you go! 5 different ways you can make the best of Halloween as a family this during the pandemic. I personally love all the ways people are thinking outside of the box.

How are you celebrating Halloween this year?
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