Essential Oils For Your Family

Essential Oils For Your Family


I’m unashamedly obsessed with essential oils. Ok, that’s a little dramatic but seriously, I love my oils! They go with me everywhere, because you never know when I or anyone around me might need them!

My journey using oils for my family’s health began just over a year ago. I was overwhelmed with no idea what I was doing. I knew there had to be a better way than always running to the doctor or taking over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. We had already made changes to our diet with amazing results to our kids’ health and were looking for “natural” alternatives to medicine.  So the transition to essential oils was a perfect fit for us.

After receiving 10 essential oils in a starter kit (which seemed to be a good deal) I was hooked and starting using them for everything!  Tummy ache? No problem, I’ve got some Peppermint oil.  Growing pains in the middle of the night? That’s ok, here’s some PanAway oil.  Lavender, Peace and Calming oils for sleep, Valor for a sore muscle, Frankincense mixed with coconut oil for a new anti-wrinkle face cream and Lemon oil in my water for a yummy drink that was also detoxing my body.  I quickly found the uses for oils were endless. There is literally an essential oil for everything!  Now my family has replaced our medicine cabinet with these little bottles of “gold”.  We have stopped using OTC’s for allergies, fevers and pain. It’s wonderful to have a natural, safe alternative for my family.  I recommend essential oils for everyone.


More About Essential Oils

Essential oils can be applied topically on wrists, behind ears, down spine, on the bottom of the feet.  They can also be diffused in a diffuser or breathed in simply by smelling an opened bottle or rubbing the oil in between the palm of your hands and smelling. They can be used on babies and children to senior adults and even on pets. Use essential oils to calm a fever, fight an infection, get relief from allergies, stabilize emotions, help with focus, brighten a mood, and take care of a headache, just to name a few.

Here are two wonderful resources to help you learn more or start your journey with Essential Oils:



Mandee Hamann, a Des Moines native, is a wife, a mom of 3, an entrepreneur and doula.  Her passion is to help educate those around her so they know there is a better way of living.  For more information on essential oils or to contact her, visit her website.

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