Easter Basket Stuffers for Under $10

Easter Basket Stuffers for Under $10

Read on for a slew of fun and festive Easter basket stuffers for under $10 that will jazz up your kiddos’ baskets this year.

Easter is such a happy holiday, isn’t it? Spring has officially arrived and everywhere you look pretty blooms are starting to peek out. I don’t know about you friends, but the second I see winter start to head home, I am ready to talk about Easter baskets…And today we’re going to focus on Amazon Easter basket stuffers for under $10!

With its beautiful message of renewal, Easter brings with it a real sense that you can pack away all that winter gloom and start again. After the tough year we’ve all had, I think the hope that Easter represents is right on time!

And one of my favorite ways to celebrate Easter with my family is by creating custom Easter baskets for each and every one of them. I want my Easter basket stuffers to represent my loved ones’ interests and thanks to Amazon that is not only a pretty easy task but pretty cost-effective too! 

Easter Basket Stuffers for Under $10 for All Ages

So, I thought I would round up some Amazon Easter basket stuffers for under $10 for your shopping pleasure. You deserve a little help, especially this Easter! 

Whether you have a toddler or a tween at home, there is a little something for every kiddo on this list of Easter basket stuffers must-haves!

By the way, I made sure everything could be delivered by Amazon Prime in case you too sometimes wait a wee bit too long and need quick delivery options. Haha!

What Should You Put in Your Kid’s Easter Basket?
  1. Playfoam – Preschoolers will love playing, shaping, and creating with this non-toxic foam. It comes in a pack of four so you can split them up among all your children’s baskets if you have more than one child in that age range. And I particularly love that it doesn’t dry out. I know I am not the only mama who has thrown away oodles of dried-out play-dough.
  2. Wooden Easter Egg Shakers – Toddlers will love getting down with these Easter-themed “instruments.” They’re the perfect size for teeny tiny hands to clutch and the sound emitted isn’t so loud as to be considered parental torture. Just sayin’.
  3. Scratch Off Mini Art Notes Kit – Tweens and even teens will have a blast creating their mini works of art and notes with this cool kit. You might even find a sweet little message or two directed your way. 
  4. Sidewalk Chalk – Chalk is an oldie, but goodie Easter basket stuffer that kids of all ages can have fun with. When the weather is nice, our whole family heads outside together with our sidewalk chalk collection. We even have chalk art competitions. The winner gets to pick what’s for dinner!
  5. Bubble Fidget Toys – These toys are great for littles with sensory issues. They come in an array of shapes like butterflies, whales, and even crabs. I’m partial to the unicorn myself. Did I mention adults can use them too? I’ve been known to grab my own fidget toys from time to time.
  6. Easter Bunny Dollar Bill – Our Easter bunny fills the eggs with candy and the occasional quarter or dollar and that’s always a big hit. So, I know a real dollar with the Easter bunny actually on it will delight your little ones!
  7. Mad Libs – I don’t think these will ever go out of style. Providing your kids can read and write, a classic Mad Libs book will provide hours of giggle-inducing entertainment!
  8. Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game – We road trip often and coming up with ways to keep everyone busy in the car can be tough, so I always have little games like this one up my sleeve! The kids even keep a pack in the car for errand running. Bwah!
  9. Lab Putty Crystal Clear Glass – Do you want to know why this is my favorite slime ever? It’s clear! Anyone who’s had colored slime caught in her favorite rug knows why. And the kids love playing with it just the same!
  10. Racket Game – I’m all about including goodies in Easter baskets that will get the kids outside! This simple racket game is another one the whole family can play together!
  11. Book of Bunny Farts – Ok, I had to include a bonus Easter basket stuffer because this book is so darn funny! It’s under $11, so I’d say that’s close enough to our required price range! 

More Family Easter Celebration Ideas

So, are you ready to stuff those Easter baskets or what?! With all of these Amazon Easter basket stuffers for under $10 at your disposal, I think you’re good to go.

Now that you’re on the way with that, how about a few more family Easter celebration ideas? We’re going to have your whole Easter holiday planned out before you know it!

Doesn’t a budget-friendly Easter tablescape sound helpful? Perhaps you need some easy Easter treats for kids inspiration or maybe just a few fun Easter games to play? 

Thanks to all these easy ideas, I have a feeling this is going to be a fabulously festive, and most importantly, stress-free Easter celebration! 

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