Early Childhood Sports: Top 5 Sports


Early Childhood Sports: Top 5 Sports

Introducing early childhood sports creates great life skills and teaches sportsmanship. We have also learned in the past few weeks that your local parks and recreation is a great place to start and introduce sports and activities to your child, but which sports should you start with? Here is a list of my top 5.

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My son has been in karate at Dojo’s since he was four. Before he started karate he had attempted some other activities, but was never really interested or showed confidence. Karate was a game changer! Not only did he learn some sweet ninja moves, but he gained confidence, focus, and respect.


Basketball can be difficult for a young child, but this sport is fantastic for their hand-eye coordination. Learning to dribble, pass and shoot are all great to improve their coordination. Basketball is also a team sport, so it gives them a chance to learn how to play as a team and to take direction from a coach. If injuries are a concern, at a young age your child will not be playing hardcore games but will be more focused on the dribbling, passing, and shooting of the sport.


Soccer was one of my favorite sports growing up! This is also a great sport to learn more coordination and for your child to gain endurance. Soccer is full of running and is great for your child’s cardiovascular health. It is crazy how much your young child can keep up. I wish I still had that much energy! If you introduce soccer between the ages of 4 and 6 years, full games are not usually played. The time is spent learning to dribble and pass with their feet.


Gymnastics is a great sport that helps develop skills for all sports such as football, hockey, baseball, and more. In gymnastics, children learn coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength. My daughter just recently has shown a great interest in gymnastics. At the age of four, I am surprised to see how much she can do and when she cannot do something, she keeps trying!


Yes, dance is a sport! Dance is also a great sport that helps develop skills for other sports as well. Just like gymnastics, dance requires learning coordination, rhythm, flexibility, and memory. A lot goes into learning a new dance routine.

No matter what sport you decide to sign your child up for, there is a benefit to each one. Keeping your child active is important and you will see the benefits as they grow older.


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