Early Childhood Sports: Life Skills

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Early Childhood Sports: Life Skills

Last week I shared my experience of introducing early childhood sports to my son. Your first thought may have been, “why do you care so much?” I know that being involved in a sport or dance, beginning at a young age, creates some important life skills for our young children. Of course, if my son was just not interested and said he did not want to do it, then we would have respected that. But, as you read last week it took some time and trying new things to figure out what he loved.

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Early childhood sports create important life skills that will stick with them off the field, court or mat and in their everyday lives. Here are just four important life skills to keep in mind.


An obvious for most, but during that young age our children are just beginning to learn how to work and play with others. They may or may not be in preschool. This could be the very first organized sport or program they are involved in. Sometimes it comes easy and sometimes it does not. As our children grow, they will learn to interact with their peers and listen to their coaches. This life skill will show up when they go to school, in their future careers and relationships with others.

Being Active

We are all aware of how technology is taking over our children’s lives and as parent’s it can be a struggle to keep them away from the computers, iPads, iPhones and televisions. When they are sitting and glued to their electronic devices they are losing opportunities they could be outside or inside running around, making friends and having fun being active. Help your child find a sport or activity that will get them running, jumping, sweaty and that heart rate up. Hopefully, they will realize how good they feel and will want to continue being active as an adult.

Following Rules

We can probably all agree that the toddler age is a rough time for following rules. They are just being introduced to the concept and who wants to follow rules anyways? I have quickly learned as a parent that my children tend to follow rules better for someone else then for me. Sports, dance and activities are filled with rules. Beginning this concept now, is a great idea and you start to see the difference at home as well. Of course, as our children grow knowing what rules are, how to follow them and the consequences when they do not follow them is another great life skill.


Having confidence is a great life skill and characteristic we should all have. Building that confidence in your child at a young age will set them up to have that all through life. Finding a sport or activity that they love is a great way to build that confidence and cheering them on is another great way to boost that confidence level in every child.

Teaching your children life skills through sports is great, but always listen to them. You never want to burn them out or overschedule them with a crazy amount of sports and activities. Watch for their cues and make sure it is always enjoyable for them.


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