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Planning a Walt Disney World vacation is overwhelming, and frankly, it is expensive. However, I like to think of vacations as investments.  Vacations are an investment in our health, happiness and time.  As a teacher and a mom of four, I know vacation dollars are hard to come by in today’s economy. The number one question I am asked by clients is, “How can I save money on my vacation?”  Good news! I am here to tell you!  Here are my top three suggestions on how to get deals at Disney!

1.  Book your trip with an Authorized Disney Travel Planner.  You wouldn’t buy a car or a home without seeking a professional, or, at the very least, doing your research. A Walt Disney World vacation is no different. It is an investment in your vacation dollars. I like to think of vacations in terms of vacation value.  True, a Disney World vacation is far from “cheap,” but I truly believe there is nowhere in the world where you will find a better value for your entertainment dollar. Make sure you are working with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. FTM Travel, an agency that has achieved the designation of Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, employ agents like me who are graduates of Disney’s College of Knowledge. This extensive training prepares agents like me to specialize in Disney Destination planning.  The best part is, my services are complimentary to you with booking!

2. Know how to find discounts when they are available.  Disney often releases discounts, but you have to know where to find them.  Many times, the discounts are released to the general public without a lot of fanfare.  Disney does not always market their discounts and, if they do, they are not easy for most people to locate. I know how to find the best price for all of my clients.  I am constantly updating packages for clients when and if discounts become available.  I am one of the first to know about these great deals.  For example: right now, I am able to save most of my clients up to 30% on Walt Disney World travel! I can also find deals for members of the military for up to 40% off accommodations. Depending on the vacation,  30% off could mean hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.  Deals are out there, it just takes knowledge and experience in finding them!

3. Book a package and stay on-site. Okay, I know. That’s really two in one, but the two tips really go hand in hand! Staying on-site at one of Disney’s 24 magically themed resorts allows you to book a Magic Your Way Package.  When you book a Magic Your Way Package, all of the work is done for you! Packages include park tickets, entertainment venues, waterparks, accommodations, airport and luggage transfers on Disney’s Magical Express, and even the Disney Dining Plan! There are hundreds of ways families can customize their Disney experience to save time and money! Staying on-site at Walt Disney World has huge money saving benefits.  For example, parking is free for on-site guests (parking can cost up to 15 dollars per car, per day for off-site guests).  By being an on-site guest, transportation is complimentary! Disney has a transportation system that will take on-site guests to all of the parks, restaurants, resorts, entertainment venues, and other various places, all over the Walt Disney World property! Sit back, relax, and save money on rental cars by letting Disney do the driving.  On-site guests also have an added benefit of Extra Magic Hours! Extra Magic Hours are extended park hours exclusively for those who are staying at a Walt Disney World resort. Enjoying extra park time is definitely a benefit for families who are trying to make their vacation dollar go farther. More time in the parks equals more bang for your buck!

Finally, when you book a Magic Your Way package with the Disney Dining Plan, you will save up to 20% on your meals! This takes away all the stress of carrying cash or other forms of payment around.  Dining in Disney World is expensive. People pay top dollar to dine with the Princesses in Cinderella’s Castle.  With the Disney Dining Plan, it is included in your package!  There are many variations of the Disney Dining Plan; let me recommend the best option for you and your family.

Paying for a Disney vacation is hassle free.  Vacation packages can be booked with a $200.00 deposit. Start planning your vacation and pay it off in installments, if that works for your family’s budget! Your trip balance is due 45 days before departure day. My clients are always happy with how easy it is to travel with a Magic Your Way Package. Disney Visa card members can pay for their trips using their Disney Visa Card and have 6 months interest free financing.

There you have it! The top three ways I believe you can save money on a Disney World vacation! Making magical memories with your in mind, is my priority!

Have a magical day!

Fun at Disney World
Fun with Friends at Disney World

Jennifer Hrubetz is a Travel Agent with FTM Travel, an agency that has achieved the designation of Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.  She customizes and plans Disney Destination vacations for clients all over the country but resides here in Des Moines.  Jennifer’s life passion revolves around her love of all things Disney and helping others learn more about exciting vacations, specifically, those involving Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  Jennifer is a mom of four, married to her husband, Mark, and is a teacher at a local suburban high school.  Jennifer has traveled to the Walt Disney World resort, at last count, 18 times.  Contact Jennifer Hrubetz at jhrubetz@gmail.com or 515-491-6778 for more information or for a no-obligation quote to a magical Disney dream vacation!


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