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Have you ever considered a trip to Walt Disney World? Were you overwhelmed with all the information and choices? Did you wonder where to start? Have you visited Disney World before, only to be stuck in crowds and long lines, swearing you’ll never return? You’re not alone. Planning a Disney vacation is time and labor intensive, to be very honest. It is very hard work if you want to do Disney World the right way. There is a whole new way Disney wants to make it easier for you, and I am very happy to discuss ways you can make sure you are all set to have a wonderful, eventful vacation in the heart of Walt Disney World. Here are some tips I would love to share as you think about making that all important decision: how to make the most of your Disney vacation!

Tip 1:

Know before you go! This is an important tip for all families. There are so many pieces of the Disney puzzle and it is best to know before you go. Are you looking for a resort with a great pool? Do you plan on relaxing and resting on your vacation? Do you have a budget you must stick with? How can you make the best of your touring? What parks, events and attractions are best for your family? Are you traveling with a group of people, and if so, how can you all connect and spend time together and make the most of your vacation? What resort is the best option for your stay based on interests and preferences? How many park days do you plan on and how many parks should you visit in total or even in one day? Having a plan makes a lot of sense. With so many options, it can get overwhelming. Talk to someone who knows all about how to squeeze out every last ounce of Pixie Dust and spread some serious Magic. It begins with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.  Trust your vacation to someone who already KNOWS before YOU go!

Tip 2:

Technology is your friend! There are so many wonderful and exciting new things happening at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando! Disney has invested in some serious technology in order to enhance the guest experience and take it to a whole new level. This new technology is amazing, but, like many things when they are new, it can be hard to filter out all the information and know what to do. Disney has incorporated some serious MAGIC in the form of the all new Magic Band! These wonderful gifts can be customized for you and your family and will magically arrive at your doorstep. This signals the beginning of a wonderful experience as a Walt Disney World onsite guest. They truly are your lifeline to all the magic and fun you will unlock as you visit the Walt Disney World Resort! Everything will be on these bands. Your park tickets, room key, dining credits, even your FASTPASS PLUS selections (you can actually reserve ride times 60 days in advance as an onsite guest) will all be on your bands! This is fairly new and very exciting. It can also be a bit overwhelming because most people don’t realize the time and knowledge needed to plan the best vacation possible.  This is where working with a Certified Disney Travel Agent really, really helps. I love to help my clients customize their trips! Helping guests make the most of their  time and making sure they get those “must-do’s” done…well, that is what I live for! Don’t fret or spend hours in front of your laptop trying to make decisions that seem endless. Allow someone else to do all the work for you. The only requirement? You show up for the fun!

Tip 3:

Choose wisely! When is the best time to visit Disney? Do you want to avoid crowds and extreme heat? There are so many questions when you’re considering when to visit Disney World. I always like to ask my clients some questions first, when they ask me when they should choose to visit Disney World. Do you have children in school? Do you mind taking them out of school for a family vacation? Is saving money a priority to you? Would you like to visit Disney’s amazing resort pools and incredible water parks like Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach? Do you prefer warm days and cooler nights? Are there some special events you would like to attend? Did you know the Magic Kingdom hosts many events throughout the year like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? The Magic Kingdom also hosts an amazing Christmas themed party as well! Are you a wine enthusiast? Do you love to garden? Are you a sports fanatic? If so, there are many events planned that may interest you. I have attended many special events myself and would love to give people advice and discuss special events during a family vacation. There really are many considerations when deciding when you’d like to travel to Disney World. Talk to someone who knows and who can give solid advice based on your family’s preferences and interests.

Tip 4:  

Take advantage of the Extras! The Walt Disney World Resort caters to it’s guests. It is number one in making guests happy. I know this from personal experience and from planning many, many trips for my clients! You will feel like you are being pampered and wholeheartedly welcomed to Walt Disney World. It starts in the airport in Orlando! Disney’s Magical Express awaits. You will board the free transportation right to the doorstep of your resort. The list of extras is extensive and quite long. From Fastpass Plus selections, My Disney Experience access, free park transportation, dining plans that can save you a lot of money, Extra Magic Hours that allow you to explore the parks before the general public….the list goes on and on. Again, seeking help from a Planner who knows Disney and who knows all the extras included in an onsite Disney stay is a very good idea.

Tip 5:

Seek help! Let someone do the work for you!  This part is essential. It is always recommended that you seek a professional, Certified Disney Travel Planner. Don’t make the mistake of going to Disney World without the advice and expert knowledge of a professional.  The smartest piece of advice I can give those who are planning a visit to Disney World is to get in contact with an agent who specializes in Disney Destinations! I cannot stress this enough. A travel agent is not necessarily an Authorized Disney Agent! As an agent with FTM Travel, which has achieved the designation of Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I have completed several courses specifically designed for Disney travel. I am a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge.  Regarding a Walt Disney World education, knowing is saving! Contact me and I can help you find savings with Disney vacation packages that include accommodations, park tickets, entertainment venues, transportation and dining! I have saved some clients up to 40% on accommodations and up to 30% on Disney dining! When I plan vacations for my clients, saving them vacation time and dollars is always a priority.  Contact me today for a no-obligation quote or to get more information on a Walt Disney World vacation.

IMG_1345Jennifer Hrubetz is a Travel Agent with FTM Travel, an agency that has achieved the designation of Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.  She customizes and plans Disney Destination vacations for clients all over the country but resides here in Des Moines.  Jennifer’s life passion revolves around her love of all things Disney and helping others learn more about exciting vacations, specifically, those involving Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  Jennifer is a mom of four, married to her husband, Mark, and is a teacher at a local suburban high school.  Jennifer has traveled to the Walt Disney World resort, at last count, 18 times.  Contact Jennifer Hrubetz at jhrubetz@gmail.com or 515-491-6778 for more information or for a no-obligation quote to a magical Disney dream vacation!


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