H. Prall & Co. — Virtual Interior Design

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H. Prall & Co. — Virtual Interior Design

H. Prall & Co. offers virtual interior design consultations, with both standard and mini options available.

In addition, you can find interior decorating inspiration, DIY projects, and curated home decor collections making shopping easy, on their blog--along with several digital products


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    Des Moines, Iowa

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Hilary Prall -- H. Prall & Co.

Hilary is a virtual interior designer, who specializes in colorful, eclectic interior design for everyday life. She loves to revitalize people’s special spaces, finds beauty in ordinary things, and works with real-life budgets. You’ll find lots of practical ideas and creative inspiration on her blog (hprallandco.com/blog). Want more personal advice? She can help with affordable virtual interior design services.