Dewey Park in Johnston

The kiddos and I have been checking out all the fun parks in Central Iowa and we went and explored another park in Johnston … Dewey Park!

Dewey Park

Dewey Park is located in Johnston and is nestled way back in a residential area. I did not even know it existed until I heard other parents rave about it! The park’s exact address is NW 64th Place, Johnston.

This park has TWO separate playgrounds. There is one play area that is designated for toddlers. The climbing equipment is smaller and the ground is full of tire mulch. There are swings, horses and cars to sit and bounce on, and even a cute little clubhouse.


The other play area has a lot of equipment to climb on and is very high! Of course, Monte was all over climbing up on the big playground. There is even a rock climbing wall!


There are two open aired shelter. Lots of picnic benches and a small grill.


One of my favorite parts is the trail that goes around the entire park! There are also two basketball courts to keep the kids busy. There is a huge green area available to play soccer, fly a kite, play football, or just lay down and look at the sky!

Dewey Park is ANOTHER awesome park to check out this Spring and Summer in Central Iowa.