Des Moines Playhouse | A Mother’s Experience

Des Moines Playhouse | A Mother’s Experience

Des Moines Playhouse | A Mother’s Experience

Erin here! One of the main reasons I created Des Moines Parent is for parents to hear and learn real-life experiences. We see all the amazing programs, events and activities happening in Des Moines, but sometimes we want to hear from an actual parent their feedback. I was so happy when local mom, Estee Roe wanted to share her experience with the Des Moines Playhouse. The Des Moines Playhouse offers such an incredible platform for children of all ages to become more confident and showcase their talent.

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As a parent with a child involved with the Des Moines Playhouse, I am continually impressed with our experience. Theatre has been a creative platform for our son, Nash. He began taking theatre classes through the Playhouse when he was seven years old, which ignited the spark. He then became interested in auditioning for various plays and musicals. As intimidating as the audition process can be, the Des Moines Playhouse directors, stage managers, and staff are always so positive and encouraging.

We absolutely love watching auditions. The talent is incredible and everyone has to audition. No matter the age or prior experience – and that has been really good for Nash to see. If you are auditioning for a play, you will read lines and do some improv. With a musical audition, you must bring a prepared solo. Theatre classes and prior experience are not a requirement to audition and “50% of the actors who appear on our stages every year are making their Playhouse debut.” (The Des Moines Playhouse website).

You are notified via email if you are invited to callbacks. Callbacks take place within a day or so after the initial audition, and just because you do not receive a call back does not mean you do not have a part. If you or your child is chosen for a role, you will receive a phone call from one of the directors to offer the part. And if not, you will receive an email thanking you for your time and encouraging you to keep trying. 

Theatre has also been a new way for Nash to form friendships that he otherwise would not have made at school. As parents, Ryan and I have had the privilege to get to know both the kids and parents and love supporting other actors and actresses by attending their shows. This makes the end of the show bittersweet because of the time spent together and the friendships made. It really is like a big family. 

I would encourage anyone with the slightest interest to audition or take a class. Other ways to get involved at the Des Moines Playhouse include volunteering backstage, ticket reviewer, usher or greeter.

If I had to pick a favorite “thing” about the Des Moines Playhouse, it would be that the staff explains to those auditioning to not set an expectation of getting cast, but rather to think of it as a learning experience. I am certain the nerves are still quite present, but I feel it puts a positive spin on the audition process as a whole. 

About the Author

I’m Estee Roe – wife and mother of two kiddos (and one Yorkie). My husband, Ryan, and I spend our time supporting the kids’ interest in theatre, music, and sports. As a family, we enjoy anything outdoors, especially camping and going on nature walks. 

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