Des Moines Parent 10 Week Home Organization Challenge – Week 5 – Kids Books

Being organized as a parent can help lead to a stress free life, save time, help create new space and teach your children how to be organized.  Do you need some help in this area?  Join us in our 10 week Home Organization Challenge.  Each week for 10 weeks we will provide one solution that you can do along with us to help declutter, organize and reclaim your home.  Follow the challenge here and on Pinterest.



It seems like my kids books can be found in every nook and cranny throughout my house.  And we have a lot of books!  Just imagine if you will my sister is a 3rd Grade teacher who gets free books from Scholastic all the time and my wife has a shopping problem.  Yes, this equals lots of books in the house to organize.  In my search for new ways to help organize all these books here are some great ideas I found that helped us get our books in order and hopefully will help you too.

Use wire baskets to old small board books on your bookshelves. Read More.


Use inexpensive plastic hanging baskets and organize books in different groups.  Read More.


Alphabetize books using foam divider and letter stickers. Read More.


Create your Own Home LibraryRead more.

Have your kids check out books at home!
Have your kids check out books at home!



Thomas Brogan

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