Des Moines Parent 10 Week Home Organization Challenge – Week 3 – Kids Art & Crafts Supplies

Des Moines Parent 10 Week Home Organization Challenge – Week 3 – Kids Art & Crafts Supplies
Being organized as a parent can help lead to a stress free life, save time, help create new space and teach your children how to be organized.  Do you need some help in this area?  Join us in our 10 week Home Organization Challenge.  Each week for 10 weeks we will provide one solution that you can do along with us to help declutter, organize and reclaim your home.  Follow the challenge here and on Pinterest.



Week 3 – Kids Art & Crafts Supplies

My family had accumulated a large of amount of art and crafts supplies for our kids to design, create and channel their inner artist.  The problem was what do we do with all these paints, crayons, markers and supplies?  For a long time we had them stashed in different areas of the house which made it quite the project to find them.  To get organized we decided it was time to get them all in one spot, labeled and easy to get in and out of without making a mess.  Since we had so many supplies we decided to dedicate the bottom half of our hall entryway closet to the cause.  Here’s what we used to organize:

1. Sterilite 3 and 5 Drawer Clear Plastic Organizers (Can be purchased at Target or Walmart).  We already had these so it made the project a cheap one

2. Old small 3 drawer wooden book case

3. Misc Containers (Reused old ones and purchased a few new ones at Dollar Tree)

4. Labels

Now all we had to do was organize the different supplies into drawers or containers for the book case.  Label them and put them all next to each other in the closet.  That was it.  Simple, organized and we now officially had our own little Craft Closet for the kids.

Using the 5 Drawer Sterilite Container we had separate drawers for Stamps, Stickers, Pipe Cleaners, Scissors, Colored Pencils, Foam Stickers and Glue.
Using our old 3 Drawer Sterilite Container we housed paper, coloring books, crayons, markers and General Craft stuff.


In the old bookcase we used our small plastic containers for paint brushes, paint, erasers, crayons, pencils and other misc small craft items
On top of our bookcase we placed our big paint bottles, dot markers and old egg cartons (can be used for a multitude of things)

Check back next Friday for week 4 of the Home Organization Challenge.


Thomas Brogan

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