Date Night: Escape Chambers

It has been awhile since we have checked out a new and exciting place for date night! I had the opportunity to check out Escape Chambers and it was a blast! Not only is this a great date night idea, but grab your friends, co-workers, and family and make it a fun evening for everyone.


What is Escape Chambers? A room is created with a specific theme in mind, where you and others need to figure out to get out! Not a huge problem solver? No worries, any level of gamer, personality, and individual are able to do this and have a great time. Each room is decorated and  with clues, artifacts, pictures, and more. Everything you need to solve the problem and get out, is in there. You will always be watched and are able to call for 3 clues throughout your time in the room.


There are several “themed” rooms available, so even if you do Escape Chambers once, you can always come back to check out a new room. Our group did The Warlocked which was full of spells, witches, wizards and more. We unfortunately, did not crack the code before our time was up (60 minutes), but we were extremely close!

There are all sorts of rooms to check out including:

  • The Recruit
  • The Cellar
  • The Party Room
  • Black Ops
  • The Assignment
  • And many more!

I recommend gathering a group together. You are more then welcome to just do a date night, but you will probably be matched up with some other gamers to make it a full room (about 7-10 people).


The Des Moines Escape Chambers is located at 338 SW 6th Street, just south of Downtown. Make it a complete evening and make reservations for dinner and drinks beforehand! They also offer Laser Tag!


Ready to book? Book here!

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