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Create A Fall Tablescape

Growing up, my mom would deck our house out for any major holiday. It always looked amazing and cozy and made me think I would do the same when I grew up. False. Life is so crazy busy, and I can’t imagine taking the time to pull things out of storage, switching things out between seasons, putting things back in storage. All. The. Things. 

I do little touches of festivity for holidays and different seasons, though, so I try to pepper fun decorations throughout the house. The way I stay on top of those things and make them not so overwhelming, though, is to have certain spots that I put seasonal and holiday décor. This just means that I’m not festooning every inch of my house, but instead, I have just a few spots that I know I will switch things out! 

One place I like to change our decoration is our dining table. Now, truth-be-told, we almost never eat at our dining table, but I do use it a lot for taking pictures…and occasionally for eating. Since most of you will be using your table more frequently, I wanted to be sure to show you how I decorate the table for every day AND how I decorate it for an actual meal. Granted, a fancy, once in a while meal, but a meal, nonetheless. 

If you follow me on social media (Instagram HERE, Facebook HERE), you know that I LOVE color! Not only that, but I tend to lean toward more non-traditional colors. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with my tablescape for Fall this year! Now, if you prefer decorating with traditional colors, by all means, do that! You can take the principles I’m sharing with you here and just add in your traditional colors. 

Tablescape for Every Day

1. Table runner. You can find the one I used HERE (I got it on clearance for $4.50) and similar ones HERE and HERE. I love this table runner because it uses so many of my favorite colors and it is also going to work for many different seasons—anything that gives me lots of use is a winner in my book.

2. Tray. Mine isn’t available anymore, but I sure wish Target would bring it back because I would buy at least 3 more! (Hopefully, Target is reading this…). You can find a similar one HERE. I normally use this tray to corral all the things that live next to our stove: utensils, salt + pepper, olive oil, etc. I wanted a different look for this display, though, so I used this tray because it’s round. I also love that it has handles…making it easy to pick up and move. 

3. Décor. I used a mix of items I already had for the display and then added a few new pumpkins I grabbed from the Target Dollar Spot. I do like to use natural elements too, but I wanted the pumpkins to be brighter colors. I also could have bought some craft pumpkins and painted them, but I’m kind of lazy… I used a few books (all thrifted) to create a tall feature on the tray. To that, I added a Spritz brand cake stand with a glass top that I thrifted. To create some interest, I added a thrifted cheese plate (painted black) and dome, with a pumpkin underneath. Since the books and cake stand were tall, I needed to add something medium height next. I chose to use an amber-colored bottle I had in my stash and added a decorative stem I picked up at Walmart ($1) in their Fall décor section. After the medium-height pieces were added, it was time for the shortest items. I used a cupcake stand ($1) and felt pumpkin ($3) from the Target Dollar Spot and a smaller gray pumpkin with a gold bottom from Walmart ($1).

The everyday tablescape was so quick and easy to put together! I tweaked the arrangement a bit to get it to all fit right on the tray and look good together, but it really was mostly a matter of setting them on the tray and being done! The best part is that I can easily move everything off the table in two steps—pick up the tray and then the table runner—clean table, voila!

Tablescape for a Meal

1. Table Runner. This table runner is a little short for our table, which is 8’ long. I chose to leave it as is, but you could always layer a longer table runner underneath. THIS one would be good! 

2. Plates. I did make the investment this year to get some melamine plates for entertaining. While not as fancy as china or stoneware, I really wanted pieces that I didn’t have to worry anything about, in case they got dropped or bumped into something. Also…dishwasher safe ALL THE WAY! I bought both dinner-size plates and salad plates—you can find the ones I bought HERE and HERE. I’m still on the hunt for some bowls to coordinate…thinking something like THIS

3. Drinking Cups. Same story here…I wanted totally durable and safe. I found THESE drinking cups with a seed glass aesthetic and knew they were perfect! I thought about doing color, but I liked the idea of having something on the table is not so much for the eyes to take in. 

4. Napkins. Normally I use paper napkins, but I grabbed THESE towels at IKEA last year and think they’re perfect for a fancier meal! Plus, they’re super easy to wash and get softer every time! Bonus … they’re only 79¢ … you cannot beat that price! 

5. Napkin Rings. These always make me think of the 1980s for some reason… I bought the coppery-gold pleather napkin rings at the end of the season last year, from the Target Dollar Spot. They ended up being less than $1, so I figured…why not? If you don’t have napkin rings, you could just as easily fold the napkin and lay it over the plate. 

6. Décor. Basically, the Target Dollar Spot “did it again” and made it possible for me to have a cute tablescape without breaking the bank. I bought most of the small pumpkins there, except for a couple I bought at Walmart, the cupcake stands, the wooden stands, the tiny pumpkins, and the wooden acorns. If you didn’t want to go all out with the décor on the plates, you could also buy something similar to the wooden acorns and write each guest’s name on them. Since our table is very narrow, I kept the décor simple down the middle. I arranged all the small-sized pumpkins I’d bought, using cupcake stands to make some taller than others, and then added a cloche from IKEA with a pumpkin and cupcake stand underneath. If you didn’t have the pumpkins, you could use greenery (think the super popular eucalyptus) spread out down the middle with tea lights sprinkled in. 

You’ll notice (or maybe, fingers-crossed you won’t) that I don’t have any silverware on the table. Minor over-sight in my photo styling, but thankfully, there is room on the table for silverware…and hopefully enough room for elbows! In our old home, we had room on either end of the table to add a chair…making it a little less cozy. But isn’t that what the holidays are all about, after all? Getting cozy with our family and friends? 

I hope you’ll try creating a tablescape this Fall! Whether you’re hosting a major holiday or simply having some friends over, you can make your space look a little extra special with items from around your home and by adding in a few new pieces! Decorating for holidays and different seasons can be intimidating, but if you have a plan for the places in your home that you always switch out décor, it’s a lot easier! It also makes taking advantage of sales a little easier too. Since I know I like to have my table decorated, I’m always on the hunt for deals or pieces that will help me create a new and unique look. Happy decorating—even if it’s just your dining table!  

*You can find the full shopping list for my Fall tablescape HERE

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