Conquering Consignment Sales


I like a good deal just like the rest of the world, therefore I like consignment sale shopping. But there are few things I have to keep in mind before I start the hunt.

  1. Approach consignment sales with the right attitude. Meaning that it’s going to take some time and some digging. If you aren’t in the mood to invest the time or effort, skip the sale.
  2. Go early or go late. By this I mean, go early on the first day of the sale for the best selection or go on the last day of the sale when everything is marked to half price. And then on that day go early. This is always problematic because church seems to get in the way. And God’s not okay with using shopping as an excuse to skip church.
  3. Size up for next year. When Lucan was really young this was hard because babies have crazy growth spurts and it seems like they can wear something once before they outgrow it. But once Lu started walking it seemed like his growth became more regulated and much more of a normal pace. Sizing up ensures that he’ll be prepared for next year’s clothes.
  4. Have an idea of what you are looking for – winter coats? Board books? Trainer potty? If you wander around the sale with nothing specific in mind, you are going to end up with a lot more than you had ever planned on. Case in point: last week I went to an unplanned consignment sale with some work friends. I looked at clothes for next year and scored some good daycare shirts. But then while I was waiting for my friends to finish up, I wandered over to look at DVDs and ended up with an Elmo movie and a travel sized Magna Doodle. Unplanned purchases. I’m sure I’m going to regret the Elmo movie.
  5. Look for name brand. I’m less picky about this if I’m being given clothes by a friend, but if I’m spending my own money, I want to at least have the option of resale. The items that resell the best? Those brands like Gap, Gymboree, Children’s Place, OshGosh, Carters, etc. If something is cute and you like it, buy it – regardless of brand name.
  6. Bring cash. This gives you instant accountability (if you don’t have the money, you don’t have the money!) but many times there is a faster cash-only check-out lane. Score!
  7. Skip the kids. Unless you are blessed with extremely patient children, do yourself a favor and go when you can leave your kiddos behind.
  8. If there’s something that you’re wavering between purchasing or leaving, ask yourself “would I buy this at full price or am I in love with it because it’s cheap?” Generally if the answer is “cheap” then walk away.

Just by keeping a few of these tips in mind, will help you keep dollars in your pocket! Good luck shopping friends!

Guest Contributor

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