Central Iowa Aquatics: Intro and Discovery

Central Iowa Aquatics: Intro and Discovery

Sunscreen. Check. Swimsuit. Got it. Goggles. Definitely. As you head out this summer to aquatic centers, pools and/or lakes, you might ask yourself “what can I do to make sure that we are as water safe as possible”. Yes, my kids have done many of the swim lessons available. And they can swim across the pool. But are they really ready to swim confidently and safely in the water? Or maybe this sounds more familiar…you’ve waited an hour for your child to get out of the pool after being there the entire day. Then, dripping wet, they come up to you to see if an hour more would be possible. Again, you’ve gotten to the point where they have taken all the swim lessons there are. How can you take their swimming to the next level? We have the perfect fit for these children with the Central Iowa Aquatics Intro and Discovery swim groups. Central Iowa Aquatics is a year‐round USA Swimming registered member swim club offering five levels of developmental swimming. CIA swimmers receive professional training in a competitive team environment.

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The Intro and Discovery swim groups meet this need for continued swimming instruction for your child. It fills in the gap between swimming lessons and truly being safe in the water and/or moving onto a swim team. Your child will learn competitive strokes and skills, and as they do this, they become stronger. Their muscles and cardiovascular systems are challenged and, eventually, the swimmers become safer in the water. Participating in this program can greatly benefit your child’s health and wellness and as your child grows in confidence he or she might even decide to move into competitive swimming.

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More specifically, the Intro group is for swimmers who are making the transition between lessons and competitive swimming. In this group, they will learn to legally swim all four strokes, be introduced to starts, streamline, drills and flip turns. This group practices for one hour on Monday (7:00-8:00pm), Thursday (7:00-8:00pm) and Saturday (7:00-8:00am). Practice is held at the Urbandale Pool (September-May) and Ashworth Pool (June-July), 101 45th St, Des Moines, IA 50312.


The Discovery group is for 12 & under swimmers. The emphasis for this group is stroke instruction and development. These children are legal in all four strokes and are ready to begin building endurance. Swimmers swim for one hour and then do thirty minutes of exercise outside of the pool.

Practices are offered Monday-Friday 4:00-5:30pm at the Urbandale pool through the end of May. Summer practices are offered from 7-8:30am or 7:00-8:30pm at Ashworth Pool, 101 45th St, Des Moines, IA 50312.

The health and safety benefits your child receives from continuing to swim are definitely worth your time and effort. And who knows? Your child may go on to a lifelong interest in swimming!

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For more information on how to take your child’s swimming to the next level, click here. Or contact swimwithcia@gmail.com. #SwimwithCIA

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