Des Moines Art Center is “the Place to Be!”

Des Moines Art Center The Des Moines Art Center has so much to offer.  I have been going continuously for as long as I can remember, more frequently since having a child 5 ½ years ago. I had been thinking that the art work definitely needed mixed up. Much to my delight that wish came […]

Tour the Iowa State Capitol

The Iowa State Capitol While I’ve known for a while (I’m talking years here) that we could tour the state capitol, we hadn’t made the time to do it. While we were at the Capitol for the march this weekend, I made the comment how some weekend we need to make time to take a […]

3 Reasons to Head to Homeschool Iowa Capitol Day

Homeschool Iowa Capitol Day With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to get out on some field trips! On Tuesday, March 13th, families from all over Iowa will gather at the Statehouse for Homeschool Iowa Capitol Day. While there, families will be able to go on a tour of the breathtaking Capitol building, meet […]

Happy Acts + Giveaways: Celebrate International Happiness Day

Celebrate International Happiness Day! As parents, we are not always worried about our own happiness. If we are honest, we are not always concerned that our kids are happy, as much as they are healthy and cared for. So why is happiness so important? The study of happiness, positive psychology, is a growing science and […]