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Even though it’s FINALLY warm enough to have fun outside, let’s admit it: we’ll also be more apt to run more errands, too. If you’re like me, most of the time you don’t have much of a choice but to bring your little one (or ones!) along. And we all know that even the most patient child eventually gets antsy. One solution that I keep seeing on feeds and blogs is called Busy Bags.

I remember a few of these ideas from my time working at a daycare. We used a lot of these ideas for center time. It not only keeps the kiddos entertained, but can be very educational as well! Definitely a win-win in my book.

Maybe you’ve heard of them, but aren’t sure how to start. Maybe you’ve never heard of them before but are saying “YES! I could use something like that!” The best part of Busy Bags is that they can be great for a variety of ages. There are also a lot of great websites and blogs that give ideas, just by Googling “How to make Busy Bags.” But, unless you have a lot of time on your hands (try not to laugh too hard), there is a fun alternative to doing it all yourself: Busy Bag Swap Party! This a great way to get some fun “adult time” in and not have to sit for hours and end up with a bunch of extra supplies.

Here’s how it works:

Get a group of friends; I would say no more than 12 of you. Find a website that works for you (here’s one I’m going to use: http://teachbesideme.com/busy-bags/ ) and make sure everyone is doing a different type of bag. Set a date to “swap” your bags, giving yourselves plenty of time to put them together. Don’t forget to make it fun – have them bring a snack to share, and maybe crack open a bottle of wine if you make it kid-free.

Another great thing about these bags is they don’t have to be costly either. One of my favorites is a color matching bag that uses color swatches from a hardware or home improvement store with clothes pins! These are also great for needing some quiet activities at home, too. Need to make a quick phone call? Pull them out! However you decide to use them, I know you’ll be glad to have them around. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments, too! Happy swapping!

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