Build Your Child’s Dream Room with Homemakers

Build Your Child’s Dream Room with Homemakers

Children’s bedrooms are nothing like what I remember when I was little. I had a basic twin bed, dresser and I believe at one point a plastic tent I was able to put on my bed. Nowadays you can find every theme, color, and design to create a child’s room. If you are looking to upgrade your child’s room, head to Homemakers Furniture in Des Moines, Iowa for some of the best quality and great prices to create your child’s dream room.


If you are expecting with a baby on the way Homemakers definitely has you covered on the must-have items to build the dream nursery. After all you will be spending a ton of time in there rocking that newborn to sleep and probably changing diapers multiple times a day. One of my favorite things about shopping at Homemakers is not only do they provide great prices and and high quality furniture, but they create the scene for you. You can imagine yourself in that specific room, with that specific piece of furniture.

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Million Dollar Baby Lolly Crib with Conversion Kit. Snag it here!

There is no shortage of styles or colors of cribs. There are so many to choose from! No worries if you become overwhelmed, the Homemakers staff is super helpful and knowledgeable.

Shop all Homemakers Furniture Cribs here.

A Superhero’s Dream

If you are anything like our family, we love superheroes! My favorite part about this theme is you know it’s a superhero, but not a cheesy type of superhero. I love how Homemakers is always inspiring you to think outside of the box with how they decorate their rooms. Not only do they offer furniture, but they sell artwork and bedspreads too.

Shop Homemakers Bedding here.

Clubhouse “Kids Only”

Who says clubhouses have to be outdoors in trees? I love this take on an indoor clubhouse for your child. Perfect for a slumber party with their best friend.

Check out all Homemakers bunk beds here.
Donco Trading Co. Treehouse Rustic Sand Twin Loft Bed. Purchase here.

Little Princess

Amelia fell in love with this setup. The flowers probably sucked her in, but she loved the white bed with the fun detail on the headboard. It is so simple, but adds a special touch to a very basic bed.

Ashley Paxberry Twin Bed. Grab it here!

Do not forget the vanity to go with!

Ashley Realyn Vanity and Stool with Mirror. Purchase here.

Level Up Your Play Room

Homemakers sells much more than furniture, so if you are looking for accessories, books, knick-knacks, etc. to level up a child’s room or play room in your home definitely check them out!

Shop Homemakers

Website: https://www.homemakers.com/

Phone: 515-276-2772

Address: 10215 Douglas Avenue, Urbandale, IA 50322

Hours: Monday – Friday 11 am – 8 pm; Saturday 10 am -7 pm; Sunday 11am – 6 pm

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  1. Alissa Swarts says:

    Love the Donco Trading Co. Treehouse Rustic Sand Twin Loft Bed.

  2. Love the clubhouse bed set! That looks super fun and what a great way to get your child excited about sleeping in their own bed too! Definitely need to check these out, thank you for sharing!

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