Beat the Holiday Bulge: How To Keep the Excess Weight Off During the Holidays

Beat the Holiday Bulge: How To Keep the Excess Weight Off During the Holidays

It can start as early as Halloween. We sneak a few pieces here, and a few pieces there of candy and by the time the new year hits, our pants are tighter and we are purchasing yet another gym membership for our new yearʼs resolution. What if you could stay the same weight throughout the entire holiday season? It is possible with some helpful guidelines, and maybe, a little more willpower. Here are some ways to keep your pants fitting perfectly this holiday season:

Beat the Holiday Bulge_

Load up on nutrient dense foods

Almost every holiday party has a veggie tray, so try and load up on some of these water-filled foods before enjoying some of the other items. They may help you to feel fuller sooner. Also, foods with higher nutrient density tend to make us feel more satiated. So instead of having an extra piece of pie for dessert, add some extra protein to your meal by grabbing some more turkey.

Foods that are basically void of nutrition such as dinner rolls, the marshmallows on the yams and the greens beans soaked in cream of mushroom soup are calories that wonʼt fuel your body, but instead leave you craving more.

Limit booze

Arenʼt the holidays about eating, drinking and being merry? Sure, but the drinking is not only full of empty calories, but also too many glasses of egg nog can lead to lots of mindless eating. So, enjoy some drinks but donʼt go overboard.

Move more

So many holiday activities involve sitting. Try and go for a walk after a meal. Better yet, invite members of your family! Add in some extra workouts when possible. The holidays are such a busy time of the year, but the exercise will give you energy, help keep weight off and help manage stress.

Manage Stress

The holidays can bring on added stress, as well as emotional eating. Things that help manage stress include getting enough sleep. Studies show just one night of poor sleep can lead to overeating the next day. Make time for some self-care and if you are overwhelmed, ask for help!

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