Bath Bomb Valentine’s with Essential Oils

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you figured out what you will be giving your loved ones? Have you and your children decided what they will be handing out to friends and family? I try to stay away from candy, because we just recovered from all the sugar we ate over the holidays. Why not create something that has some health benefits and are fun?!


My kiddos love the robot bath bombs from LUSH, but they can seriously add up in price. I decided to create some fun bath bombs the entire family can use and little do they know have some side benefits!

The recipe and directions are pretty simple! The ingredients include:

**Note: Food coloring is okay to use as long as you are aware that is may leave some coloring in your tub, but will come out over time. You can use Bath Bomb Colorant if you would like instead.


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl which includes citric acid, baking soda and epsom salt.
  2. If you are creating two different blends/bath bombs, split the mixture into two mixing bowls.
  3. Put your plastic gloves on and add drops of food coloring, while mixing with your hands until you reach the desired color.
  4. Add olive oil and witch hazel little, by little. Constantly mixing with your hands.
  5. Add essential oil drops and continue mixing with your hands.
  6. It is important to get the mixture moist enough so you can form it, but you do not want it too wet and for it to begin fizzing.

7. Once you reach the right consistency, press the mixture into whatever molds you pick out. I chose hearts and Batman, because who doesn’t LOVE Batman?!

8. Let them sit and dry out overnight. The next day, carefully pop them out of their molds and pack them in cute little Valentine’s day baggies! You can also add a tag with a cute phrase such as”You are the bomb!” Make sure you also include what type of essential oils you used.

Plant Therapy KidSafe Essential Oils

I created the Batman bath molds with a KidSafe essential oil called Calming the Child. This line is specially created with children in mind. They are formulated for children ages 2 years to 10 years. The KidSafe line includes synergies and single oils.  This line is 100% safe for children and are effective too!

I used the non-KidSafe line essential oil called Tension Relief on the heart bath bombs. When creating my baggies I included each type of bath bomb, that way the gift is for the entire family!

Please note: I used a very small amount of Tension Relief essential oil in the heart bath bombs and are also safe for children to use. Take a look here for a complete instruction on dilution and the ways to properly use essential oils.

Learn more about Plant Therapy oils here! Learn more about the KidSafe line here!




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