Back to School with Justin’s + Stonyfield + PackiT!

Back to School with Justin’s + Stonyfield + PackiT!

Back to school is just about to start up again! Everyone is shopping for back to school supplies and clothes, but you do not want to miss the necessities for school lunches!

Back to School

I am a huge fan of Justin’s peanut butter and all their other delicious products. They have created some delicious snack packs including the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and Pretzel Snack Pack. These are simple to throw in the kids lunch box to eat at lunch or even to grab out after school if they have an extracurricular activity planned.

Their nut butter packets are also perfect to pack for lunch with crackers or to use to make a sandwich. They offer some great combos including, Maple Almond Butter, Honey Almond Butter, Honey Peanut Butter, and more!

Justin’s values are very similar to Stonyfield (which is probably why I love them so much!) They believe in sustainable practices, highest quality, and local ingredients. They also work hard in taking care of the community around them.

While you are back to school shopping, and shopping for school lunches all year round remember Justin’s and Stonyfield products as your necessities! Stonyfield offers some great, simple yogurt products that can be quickly added to lunches too! We are huge fans of the YoKids yogurt tubes and pouches AND they offer some fun flavors such as birthday cake! Monte and Amelia also love the individual smoothies too.


Now that you have all the necessities for lunch, what is the best option to store all these healthy goodies in?! Do not worry! I have been introduced to an awesome lunch bag, the Packit lunch bags! PackiT offers several types of bags for lunches, can coolers, wine coolers and much more! These bags are freezable and come in several cute prints! You can fold them up, stick them in the freezer and within 12 hours the built in freezable gel freezes. The entire bag will stay cool and keep your lunch and snacks fresh all day long.

Monte is now set for his first day of school!


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