Are Your Kids Safe From the TV? Secure It!

Are Your Kids Safe From the TV?  Secure It!

Euro Style Flat Panel Tv Install With Wall Mounted Cabinet

Most parents “kid proof” the house when they have their first child.  They put in plug covers, latches on cabinets and door knob covers.  But one of the most often overlooked items to secure is the TV.  Reports show that over 18,000 people are injured each year from falling TVs with most of those being toddlers or small children.  Of those 18,000 injuries 229 led to death.  Are your TVs secured?

Securing your TV can be done a couple of ways:

  1.  Mount your TV to the wall – This method is the most secure solution, but will cost a little money and take a little work.  You will need to purchase a TV mount which can be purchased pretty much anywhere TVs are sold.  One cheap option if you have multiple TVs to mount would be this one on Amazon.  At $25.00 this will be one of the cheapest you will find.  You will also need a drill, a screwdriver, a level, a stud finder and a pencil to complete this project.  It sounds daunting, but I’m not handy at all and I had one up in under 30 minutes.
  2. Use a TV Safety Strap – This is an easy low cost, easy install option.  It’s a set of straps you can purchase that connects your TV to the stand that it’s sitting on.  This isn’t as secure because in theory because your child could still try and climb the TV stand and tip the stand and TV over on top of them.

Bottom line:  Any parent with children or preparing their house for a new child should add securing the TV to the “child proofing” checklist.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Thomas Brogan

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