AlternaScript #NuCulture Launch!

I am excited to share about a new product launching on June 6th! AlternaScript has studied and researched several probiotic strains to create this new and revolutionary probiotic, NuCulture.

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Parenting and being healthy can be hard some days. Every day I strive to live a healthy lifestyle and a part of living a healthy lifestyle, taking a great and efficient probiotic is important. Probiotics are great to support your overall health and also enhances your digestive system, which can affect a lot of other systems in your body.

Did you know … that recent research has shown that your digestive system could be considered your “second brain”?! That is crazy! There are over 100 million neurons in your gut and these neurons are found to influence immune, endocrine, and neural function. Pretty much, if your gut is not happy and healthy, it will affect you in all systems.

Today, finding the right probiotic can be hard. When you walk into a health store you can easily find hundreds of different probiotics that claim to have certain strains. It is important to know that companies can claim they have certain strains in there probiotics and have the very minimal amount and in return, you do not receive the greatest benefits from it. It is also very easy for strains to be killed during processing and distribution.

One thing that makes NuCulture amazing is they are using a patented delayed-released to ensure that when you receive your NuCulture probiotic all strains are still alive. This patented capsule also helps probiotics survive stomach acid.

NuCulture contains 5 probiotic strains that have been patented and studied over and over again. With NuCulture, you will be able to see effects within hours in both your small and large intestine. Unlike, other probiotics where it may take days to see these same effects.

Check out some of the great benefits you will experience when you take NuCulture:

  • Promotes digestive health
  • Supports healthy microflora in the gut
  • Supports normal digestive function
  • Supports healthy immune function and response
  • Supports urinary tract health
  • Helps maintain a healthy respiratory function
  • Helps maintain regularity
  • Supports gut comfort

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I am so excited to start my trial and I cannot wait to share my experience with you!

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NuCulture, along with all AlternaScript products, can only be purchased through a subscription through the AlternaScript website. They do also offer free trials of their products. You can receive a 7-day trial for free. You can purchase a NuCulture bottle, which contains 30 capsules for $47.89 per month. It is recommended you take 1 capsule every day.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored but all information and opinions are my own!


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22 thoughts on “AlternaScript #NuCulture Launch!

  1. I have never tried probiotics before but have heard of the benefits. Can’t wait to see how your experience is like when you give this a try!

  2. My husband and I were JUST talking about probiotics yesterday actually. He has tummy issues and I think something like this would help him a lot.

  3. I was so skeptical about adding probiotics because I kept thinking it was unnecessary for my overall health. My mind was changed after last year when I had the opportunity to try them out.

  4. I’ve never heard of this brand or product before but I do take probiotics and they help to keep me regular and my digestive system the way it should be. I’d love to read a few more reviews on this before I take the plunge.

  5. I know about probiotics but I take so many meds for my cancer that I honestly can’t stomach one more pill.

  6. I always have a poorly, cramped and sensitive stomach. Perhaps Nuculture could do the trick if is good at helping the digestive system.

  7. Probiotics can make such a difference in feeling good. I am excited to hear how this works for you.

  8. I’ve tries several Probiotics before without much success. Can’t wait to hear how this goes.

  9. I really should add some probiotoic to my diet. I will have to try NuCulture out!

  10. wow, a second brain? really? That would explain a lot and I must take better care of it.

  11. My whole family takes a great probiotic. It helps keep my kids healthy through the school year too!

  12. I don’t take probiotics, instead I focus on prebiotics. Naturally promoting the microbiome with fresh fruits and vegetables, The only time I take something like this is the rare occasion I have to take antibiotics.

  13. I have never tried probiotics, but I hear people talk about them a lot!

  14. I’ve been really bad about taking probiotics lately! I need to give this brand a try.

  15. I haven’t taken any Probiotics, but I know how beneficial they can be for your body let us know how you like these?

  16. Probiotics are so incredibly important! Especially with all the things that can assault our gut on a daily basis. I haven’t heard of this brand, will definitely check them out!

  17. We are big probiotic fans at out house, but I have to watch which ones and the brands we use. This looks like it might be worth a try.

  18. I love Probiotics! I make sure that all of our vitamins have them because they’re so helpful!

  19. Avatar Eileen xo says:

    I am a huge advocate of probiotics. This one has everything I like and I am going to give it a go

  20. I need to get back to taking probiotics. They helped me so much for awhile when I was recovering from an illness!

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