All-natural Room Fragrance Jars

All-natural Room Fragrance Jars

One of the nicest things about coming home is the act of inhaling deeply and smelling home. I remember when I was a child sleeping over at a friend’s house and breathing deeply into my pillow just to smell home. I don’t think that I can clearly articulate what “home” actually smells like, but I know that I don’t want my home to smell like stinky onions or dirty diapers! These all-natural fragrance jars are just the thing to get my home smelling like home again.

An easy home freshener I like to employ is the combination of lemon, rosemary, vanilla. If you like the way Williams Sonoma smells, this is apparently the combo they scent the air of their stores with. Who knew! You can easily do this with any scent combination that you happen to like – oranges, nutmeg, lavender, eucalyptus, pine, basil, mint.

Every year I tell myself that I’m not going to do any homemade Christmas gifts because, well, I don’t need to. But every year, I find myself making something for my family members. These all-natural room fragrance jars are a great housewarming or hostess present too and they are easy-peasy to assemble.

Take a pint canning jar, insert lemon slices, a few springs of fresh rosemary, an opened vanilla bean and fill the rest of the jar with water. Close the jar with a canning flat and ring. Then when you want to use it, empty the contents into a small crock pot (like a little dipper) or into a small sauce pan on the stove. Add more water to cover and simmer lightly. You can even assemble the jars ahead of time and pop them into the freezer until you are ready to use them. If you are giving these as gifts, you can decorate with ribbon or fabric.

Erin Huiatt

Erin is a reliable resource and stepping stone for women and families to find support and make connections within our community. She wants families to feel confident to reach out and ask for help and advice to get pointed in the right direction. She enjoys traveling and exploring with her two children in tow!