Act NOW to Make a Change in Your Childs Life!

Act NOW to Make a Change in Your Childs Life!

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School is in the last quarter and NOW is the time to consider brain training to change your child’s reality for next fall.

Most of our program recommendations are 24 weeks (they range from 12 – 32 weeks).  If enrolled by early April, that puts the ending time close to when school is starting in the fall.  And our program costs can be  as low as $100/month*! 

Our Brain Training assessments explain the reasons WHY someone is struggling in the classroom, perhaps with reading, writing, math, or attention. Then we design an individualized, one on one program that targets the weak areas,  creating less of a struggle with academics, often getting a 3.1 year gain in reading alone!  (Yes, in 24 weeks!)

AND in conjunction with Brain Awareness Month, our initial assessments (which take about 45 minutes) are being offered at $70 (retail value $199), allowing you to easily find out your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Call or email us now in order to reserve your assessment spot! Take advantage of the biggest event of the year at LearningRx before it is too late!


Phone:    515-224-4819

*Several payment plans are offered in-house.
3rd party financing option requires qualifying independently. 

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