8 O’Clock – A Parent’s Happy Hour


What did I do with all my free time before I had kids?  I often wonder that as I taxi cab the kids around, do laundry, clean dishes and pick up toys.  There was so much extra time back then.  I remember on Friday nights getting off work and being excited for 5 O’clock happy hour at our local bar and grill.  Now the idea of a 5 O’clock happy hour seems so far away.  The happy hour I look forward to now is at 8 O’clock.  That’s when, if I’m lucky, the kids go to bed and my wife and I have a couple hours to sigh a collective breath of air and just veg out.   Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my kids, but after a long week of working and being a parent I just want my 8 O’clock happy hour.  To finally watch what’s up next in our Netflix Queue (No kid cartoons, we are talking quality shows like our latest obsession The 100) and just let my mind go numb for a little bit.  No questions, no breaking up fights between the kids, just my wife and I sitting on the couch in peace.

So anybody out there that may be reading this that doesn’t have kids yet or is expecting, enjoy the free time that you have now.  Watch all 6 seasons of Vampire Diaries on Netflix while you can.  Because when parenthood calls that free time will be limited and you will be looking forward to your 8 O’clock happy hour just like me.

Thomas Brogan

Thomas Brogan, a native of Des Moines, was the original founder of Des Moines Parent and is a father to an 8 & 10-year-old. In his free time, he likes to explore nature, try new local restaurants and enjoy life as best as he can. Check out more of Thomas at www.broganlist.com.

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