6 Sports Bag Essentials

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6 Sports Bag Essentials

Now, that you have signed your child up for some different sports to see which ones he or she likes best, you need to make sure you have the essentials packed. At this age, you may be thinking “is there really that much to pack?” No, not really. BUT, if you have multiple kids and they will be tagging along to games and practices, you need to be prepared.

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Take a look at all the 6 main items I pack in our bag before I head to dance, gymnastics, practice or games.


The obvious one of them all, snacks. You should pack some healthy, nutritious snacks that are not going to go bad while sitting in the bag. Always have enough for your child who is playing a sport AND your other children who are going to get antsy while waiting. Snacks always make time go by faster. I like to include healthy granola bars, trail mix, clementines, apples or applesauce pouches.


Hydration, hydration is so important any time of year when your child is being really active. Invest in a heavy-duty, stainless steel water bottle. I like to buy a couple of the smaller ones. I fill them about halfway with ice, then with water. That way I know it will stay cold the entire time even on a hot summer day. Do not forget water for yourself too! If it is summer and you will be sitting outside watching your little one do big things, make sure you have a reliable water bottle as well.

Sunscreen + Bug Spray

Make sure you pack sunscreen and bug spray. Even on overcast days, you will want to make sure that you are applying to everyone including yourself. A lot of times fields will be located out in the middle of nowhere and if you live in the Midwest there are always creeks and trees nearby. Bug spray will be a lifesaver, so you are not eaten alive.


I always carry a small container of baby wipes for many reasons. They are great to have on hand to wipe noses, dirty fingers, or if you spill anything. Wipes have several purposes. Pack them!

Band-aids + Neosporin

Coaches are usually always equipped with a first aid kit if necessary, but I always like to carry some band-aids and Neosporin just in case my other child scrapes their knee, I cut a finger, or if it is the middle of the game I can quickly place something and they can be on their way.

Gallon Size Bags

I keep a couple extra gallon size bags in our sports bag to place trash such as our snack trash or used wipes. They also come in handy if soccer socks get super dirty or any other uniform item, that you do not want to place in the bag alone.


Now that you have all the essentials you need, what do you put it all in? There are so many great bags out there. I love the thirty-one brand bags. They have lots of different style options and you can personalize them the way you want. I found some cute smaller duffel bags on Etsy and had them personalized with the kid’s names. When they get older, they may need something bigger. These are perfect now so they can carry their own bags with how little they are.

Maybe you have nailed the sports bag essential already and have begun traveling more. It may be time to know the best travel accessories.


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