6 Common Parenting Mistakes

6 Common Parenting Mistakes

Being a parent is perhaps the most difficult profession in the world.  Parents play a crucial role of rearing their children who will soon take their place in the society that they are currently living in.  This is one of the reasons why parents will always do their best to train their children in the most proper way they can.

However, some parents are not aware about some mistakes that they have been committing all these years.  Even if you think you’re the best parent in the world, you may be making some mistakes that you shouldn’t when raising your child.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Here are six common parenting mistakes to avoid:

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

As a parent, it is normal to set some expectations for your children. However, you must carefully take into consideration each of your child’s capability.  Try to assess whether these expectations you are setting are doable and achievable for them.  Do not forget that if you have two or more kids each of them have unique personalities and unique capacity as well to meet those expectations.

Not Being Firm And Consistent

Avoid the mistake of being too firm today while you suddenly just give in a little later.  Some parents also try to be so strict to one child while they are too lenient to the other. If you think your kids are too young to notice your inconsistency you are definitely wrong.  Kids have keen observation more than you ever think of. Be consistent and firm especially in setting rules and regulations.  This way, you will be able to elicit
respect from your children and not spark any sibling rivalry.

Too Preoccupied To Be Approachable

If you always claim to be too busy and too preoccupied to listen to your child’s stories, might as well be prepared for a great surprise. Never commit the same mistake or else you will find yourself being left behind your children when they grow up with a claim that they are also too busy to just even call you to say “How are you, Mom?”  Always find time to listen to your child and show sincere attention. This will have huge impact on their self-esteem until they grow up and grow old.

Ignoring Your Child’s Little Achievements

Some parents never forget to punish their children for any misbehavior. You may think that nothing is wrong with this and that punishing a child’s misbehavior is right. But, the problem occurs when a child happens to have a little achievement in school and the parent ignores this which may lead the child to feel discouraged and disheartened. It is okay to punish misbehavior but make sure not to forget to express your appreciation, give
rewards and acknowledge your child’s well done tasks.

Saying One Thing But Showing A Different Thing To The Child

Parents really need to walk their talk. It may be hard but parents must show exemplary deeds to their children. This way, children will always look up to them as their good if not perfect examples of what they should be like when they grow up.

Not Allowing Their Children To Be Independent

As a parent it is also our duty to teach our children to become independent owing to the fact that we can never be with them forever. This means to say that even though we see our kids as still too young but we should let them feel that they are independent at times when they have to.

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