5 Ways to Celebrate Thankfulness this November

5 Ways to Celebrate Thankfulness this November

Nothing gives a parent greater joy than when their children express thankfulness. We work tirelessly teaching our kids manners with gentle reminders to say thank you when someone does something nice for them. From the smallest gesture to gifts to day-to-day actions that can easily be overlooked; we are determined to help our children understand the importance of a simple thank you. 

The month of November is National Gratitude Month. When this time of year rolls around we see a heightened focus on thankfulness and the practice of gratitude. It’s fun to spend time diving a little deeper into what it means to be thankful and the many ways you can express thankfulness. Grab your family members and create some daily challenges in a November Gratitude Challenge.

Here are five ways to celebrate thankfulness with the entire family this November.

Gratitude Jar

All you need is a jar, some strips of paper, and a writing tool. Each night before bed everyone in your family writes down what they are thankful for. Then on Sunday evening, you can read all of them from that week out aloud to everyone. Not only is this a great gratitude practice, but studies show that including this in your daily routines can decrease stress.

Gratitude Rock

This is a simple but effective way to involve thankfulness using a visual aid. This can be great for kids (and adults) that do well with a momento as a reminder. Everyone in the family finds a rock they love. They hold the rock and share why they are thankful. The rock can be carried in a purse or pocket and acts as a constant reminder to be thankful. 

Another great activity with rocks is to paint them different colors and use colored sharpies or paint to write the words, Thank You on them and deliver them to friends, family, or neighbors. One time we found a thank you rock in a planter that someone had mysteriously placed there and it was so fun to discover. They make great paperweights too. Place them on your tablescape on Thanksgiving Day!

Gratitude Letter or Email

There is nothing better than the feeling you feel when you send a handwritten note or email to express to someone how thankful you are for them. It is a powerful gesture that leaves your recipient feeling appreciated too. 

A great way to get the kids involved is through art. Grandparents love to receive drawings with little notes. This can be a great activity to let Grandma and Grandpa know how much they are appreciated and loved.

Gratitude Visit

Have you ever delivered flowers to someone, or a special treat, or maybe another gesture that really spoke to what the recipient enjoyed? This can be one of the most thoughtful ways to express gratitude. It can even happen between strangers. Have you ever been in a Starbucks drive-thru line and the person in front of you pays for your order and then you do it for the person behind you because you’re thankful for what the person in front of you did and you wanted to pay it forward? Tokens of appreciation are a great way to let someone know you are thankful for them. Did you know that most places offer digital gift cards that you can just text to someone? Super a simple and easy way to do something special. 

Gratitude Turkey

Turkey on the Table is a wonderful resource if you don’t want to use or make your own turkey and feathers. After you have your turkey, each family member writes down what they are thankful for throughout the entire month on feathers. By Thanksgiving, your turkey should have a full tail full of feathers. This is a wonderful visual to reflect on how much there is to be thankful for and all the good things in life.

This November we invite you to do one or more of these activities to foster thankfulness within your family. Happy November!


Erin Huiatt

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