5 Active Ways to Learn Sight Words

Having a child that is an active learner you have to find ways to liven up school a bit.  In my case, I have to find ways of teaching my five year old daughter how to read while keeping her attention.  There is no way she can just sit there and work on worksheets all day long.  It’s just not how she’s built.  So to supplement the All About Reading program we are using, I found some more active ways to learn sight words.  I have found they are a good way to grab her attention and let her move around.  Here are 5 great ones for you to try out with your little active learner.

Sight Word Fishing
Sight Word Parking Lot
sight word game 021
Sight Word Hopscotch
Sight Word Train
cupcake train 06711
Swat the Sight Word


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