10 Virtual Playdate Ideas for Kids

10 Virtual Playdate Ideas for Kids

10 Virtual Playdate Ideas for Kids

The official announcement has been made. No more school for the rest of this school year. Like many kids, my kids took it hard. The cancellations of summer plans continue to roll in such as conferences I had scheduled to attend, Vacation Bible School, and more. We all know that ‘normalcy’ is going to look a lot different and it will be some time before families can get together for regular playdates with their kids. That is why we are sharing 10 virtual playdate ideas for kids!

Playdates are not just for kids, they are for mom and dad too! This time where our children play, connect, and learn social skills is also a time for us parents to connect and lean on each other. Just like everything over the past several weeks has become virtual, so has playdates for kids. We can still create this time for children to connect virtually, while maybe parents chat on the phone or you all connect as a family via Zoom. There are several ways we can still stay connected to our friends virtually during this time.

I have gathered some ideas on how you can create a play date for your kids. I challenge you to create ONE playdate this next week. Reach out to a family you used to have regular playdates with and set up a date and time for a virtual playdate.

Tell Jokes

Have your children gather a few of their favorite jokes and share them with their friends. They can go back and forth telling each other their jokes and share tons of laughs

Read a Book Aloud

Have each kid find their favorite book and take turns reading it aloud to each other. Not only are they connecting with their friends, but they are also practicing reading. Score! Have them read with expression and see who can be the most dramatic while reading their favorite story.


BINGO is a favorite game for all ages. This may be best to do as an entire family. The internet (hello, Pinterest!) is filled with free kid-friendly BINGO cards and themes. This is a fun way to connect.

Do a Craft Together

Parents can brainstorm a craft that all families have supplies for and create the craft together, virtually. Also, because technology is so awesome, you can share screen a live tutorial of drawing or painting such as ‘Live with Mo Willems Lunch Doodles‘.


I love charades! Have your kids take turns acting out an animal, action or verb. I know my kids could spend hours doing this. Have your kids play on Zoom, while you have a much-needed adult conversation with their parents. Win-win!

Board Games

Not many board games are easy to play virtually, but Battleship, Guess Who, and Headbanz is three you can easily be played virtually! If each family owns this fun and competitive game, give it a try.

Draw Portraits

Have your kids put their best art skills to use! They can take turns drawing portraits of each other. When they are all done, have them do a big reveal. I am sure there will be tons of giggles.

Sing-a-long + Dance Party

Put on some kid’s songs and have a sing-a-long with a bonus dance party. See who can come up with the best dance moves. Each kid can take a turn picking the song to jam out to.

Magic Show or Performance

My son is obsessed with magic and is constantly trying to learn new magic tricks while my daughter LOVES to dress up and put on a performance. Have each kid take turns showing off their best skills and provide entertainment for everyone!


Trivia Night! Make it a family night and play trivia against each other. The internet (again, thanks to Pinterest!) is filled with themed trivia questions. If you can find super easy questions or depend on the age of your kids, they could play this on their own as well.

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